Iooks do not stop with the page. Imaginative people with videos and musical instruments make books and their authors visible and audible. Here are snatches of what we did, plus some special photographs you might like. Just click the 'play' buttons on any of the media players below and enjoy!

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Open Road celebrates children's authors. The following links will take you to videos by Open Road about Jean Craighead George, subjects of interest to her and other children's authors.

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Jean Craighead George-VIDEO

January 2009
2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the release of the seminal Newberry Award winning book, My Side of the Mountain. Join Jean in a look back at the book which has touched so many lives. She reflects on the story's conception, and how the book took shape. She may answer some of the questions you have always been curious about in this video taped in December of 2008. How many lives have been touched and changed by this important work?

Jean and Qimmiq
A Welcome from
Jean Craighead George
and Qimmiq



Jean Craighead George
Jean Craighead George
working at home

Jean Craighead George
Jean Craighead George
in the Catskill Mountains
Jean Craighead George-AUDIO
One Day in the Woods" (available at is an audio release by Harper Children's Audio (ISBN 0-694-70084-3). Based on Jean Craighead George's book of the same title, it teaches children about the intricate and precious web of life through fun songs and informative dialogue. Here are two audio excerpts, written by Chris Kubie.
Magnifying Glass
Lyrics by Jean Craighead George
Music by Chris Kubie
Performed by Jay O. Sanders
Mother Wood Duck
Lyrics by Jean Craighead George
Music by Chris Kubie
Performed by Maryann Plunkett
Jean Craighead George-PHOTOS
Jean Craighead George
Jean Craighead George
Jean Craighead George