U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Department of the Interior's
Conservation Hero Award

Conservation Hero Award
Image by Wendell Minor

March 22, 2013

Dear Twig, Craig, and Luke George:

I am a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist participating in a national leadership program, ‚"Stepping Up to Leadership". We have been given the opportunity to select and commemorate a conservation hero. A conservation hero is someone with strong leadership capabilities that helped shape the ideas of conservation in America today.

Our group has chosen to commemorate Jean Craighead George for her impressive writing career and her ability to instill a fascination with the natural world. We offer our condolences for the loss of your mother and believe that America has lost a great conservation hero of the twentieth century. It is our intention to honor the memory of your mother and commemorate a life that has inspired countless people to appreciate and form a positive and enduring relationship with the natural world. Her ability to connect children with nature has left an indelible impression on this world that will not soon be forgotten.

In an effort to commemorate your mother's unique ability to connect readers with wildlife and the environment , we are designing a plaque that will be placed among other conservation heroes at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Conservation Training Center (http://training.fws.gov/index.html) in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The plaque will contain a short paragraph (250 words or less) about her life, an evocative quote, and a photograph. You can find a list of previously honored conservation heroes, which includes your Uncles Frank and John Craighead, at http://training.fws.gov/History/ListsHeroes.html.


Christopher P. Guy
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Chesapeake Bay Field Office