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Autumn, 2004
Snowboard Twist coverSnowboard Twist is the third in the Outdoor Adventure Series written by Jean Craighead George and illustrated by Wendell Minor. Grits, the perky wilderness dog, is not saved this time, he does the saving!

Charlie's Raven is Jean's novel about this uncanny, magical bird that has baffled people for centuries. Her brothers, nephews, nieces, in-laws, Charlie's Raven coverkids, grandkids and raven scientists have all contributed their stories to this book. Wait until you meet Blue Sky, the raven!

When Axel and his family take a rafting trip down the swift Salmon River, they sense little risk when smoke appears in the quiet, dry wilderness. Suddenly, orange flames flash dangerously near, and Axel isn't so sure of their safety anymore. Before long, they are caught in a blazing forest and must search for a safe hideout. Will Axel and his family make the right call before the roaring fire gets too close?

In the newly-released Fire Storm, the second story about the adventures of Axel, acclaimed nature writer Jean Craighead George and award-winning artist Wendell Minor recount the riveting tale of a fearsome fire storm and the cycle of regeneration that follows.

Tree Castle Island coverOut of the swamp and into the bookstores...Tree Castle Island! This is the story about the boy, Jack, who solved a greater mystery than the old Indian myth he was pursuing when he paddled into the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, one day. This new survival book was released on April 25, 2002.

Right on its heels came the publication of Cliff Hanger. This is the first of a series of adventureCliff Hanger cover books for 5 to 9 year-olds. Wendell Minor's glorious illustrations bring Axel's adventurers to life. Wendell climbed cliffs, hiked trails, and lived through thunderstorms with me when we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to photograph my adventurous grand nephew, Scotty, as "Axel." Scotty belayed and swung on ropes on the cliffs for the illustrations.

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest coverAlso available now is the musical version of One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest. Recorded Books has released this version of Jean's book. She is reading the story to the music Chris Kubie has composed. Chris weaves into the calls of rain forest birds and mammals, the chants, nose flutes and paddle instruments of the indigenous people. To hear a one minute audio excerpt of the this production, please click here for an MP3 clip!

Early in the morning, young Tepui walks through the Venezuelan tropical rain forest. Colorful birds call from the treetops, and a tribe of monkeys plays in the branches. But Tepui doesn't have time to enjoy the animals he loves so much. He is going to the Science Laboratory to talk to his scientist friends.

Jean and KodaToday, trucks and bulldozers are heading to the forest. They are bringing men to cut down the trees. Many plants will die, and the animals will no longer have homes. Tepui and his friends want to think of a way to save the forest. But are they too late?

At right is a photo of Jean sitting with her friend, Koda, who is one of animal trainer Doug Seus's wolf actors.

Several years ago, Jean's thirteen books of the Thirteen Moons went out of print. There were many requests to reprint them, and that is what the HarperCollins Trophy Paperbacks editor has done!

Music of the Thirteen Moons coverThe thirteen book series has now been made into four books entitled, Seasons Of The Moon, telling about wild animals in their far-flung American environments.

The Autumn Moon and the Winter Moon came out in October, 2001. The spring and summer seasons will be released in February, 2002. The new book will have some of the original art.

Now you can read them and listen to the glorious Music of the Thirteen Moons, written by composer Chris Kubie . It is available at Amazon.com. You can sample Cliffhanger closeupsample some of Music of the Thirteen Moons on Chris's website by clicking here .

Coming up in Spring, 2001 is the first in the series of adventure books, starring the boy Alex and his dog Grits. The first book in the series is called Cliffhanger. Wendell Minor went out to Wyoming and hung from cliffs in order to illustrate it. Jean sat below and wrote.

Also coming out in the Summer of 2001 is a new survival book for young adults, Tree Castle Island. Jean and her daughter Twig and Twig's family paddled into Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp to experience the The Okefeneokee Wamppoltergeist of the bog. Rebecca and Katie , Jean's granddaughters, survived and went home to write essays in school entitled "What I Did On Thanksgiving."

Thank you for your inquiries about the movie Julie of the Wolves. Progress is being made and details will be available soon right here on this website!

Amaroq, the little brother of Julie of the Wolves, now has his own story in the book Nutik, The Wolf Pup. Illustrated by the famous Ted Rand, it will be Nutik, the Wolf Pupavailable in the autumn of 2000. Ted went to Barrow, Alaska, to sketch the "real" tundra and town where Julie and her brother live. Jean's son, Craig George, showed Ted and his wife the sights and beauties of his own home town of Barrow on the Arctic Ocean. A second book in the series, Amaroq and Nutik Play Ball will be published in the spring of 2001.

Jean Craighead George's Julie of the Wolves is on Oprah Winfrey's Oprah's Book Club Kids' Reading List!

Jeanie Rosenberg, screenplay writer for Black Stallion, Fly Away Home , and other great films, has written the screenplay for Julie of the Wolves.

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