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Millennium Notes...
Frightful's Mountain coverJulie of the Wolves was named one of the best children's books of the past 100 years by amazon.com and Children's Literature Society.

Frightful's Mountain was singled out by the New York Times as one of the Notable Children's Books of 1999.

USA Today selected Frightful's Mountain as 1 of 6 excellent children's books of 1999.

How To Talk To Your Cat
written by Jean Craighead George illustrated by Paul Meisel

Jean pet book collageHow To Talk To Your Dog
written by Jean Craighead George, illustrated by Sue Truesdell
Both published by HarperCollins

The musical of Julie of the Wolves
Music by Chris Kubie
Book by Barbara Dana and Jean Craighead George
Lyrics by Jean Craighead George

The movie of Julie of the Wolves
Doug Seus, the trainer of Bart the Bear and other glorious animal stars, reports that Amaroq, Nails, Silver and friendthe wolf he named Amaroq lies down and plays dead, stalks, leaps, looks where Doug asks him to look and plays with 13 year-olds every day. Doug is also training Silver, and Nails, who also love people. They all go down to the mall to walk around, look and mingle with people.

Okefenokee Swamp or A Call From The Swamp or ???
(still working on the right title!)
A novel about a boy who paddles into the strange Jean paddling in the Okefenokee Swampreality of this vast swamp in Georgia. Jean writes, "I'm on chapter three. My granddaughters, Rebecca and Caity Pittenger and their parents, and also my grand nephew, Kyle Haynam, paddled with me in November1999 into this eerie and oh, so different environment. 'Neat place,' said Kyle."

Sam Gribley's beloved falcon, Frightful, takes the spotlight in the new book Frightful's Mountain, the third in the My Side of the Mountain series. Spiralling above Sam's head, waiting for Sam to call her back, Frightful hears the call of the wild and takes off. From that moment on, life as a wild peregrine falcon is one crisis after another. The book is in bookstores starting in mid-September, 1999.

The magic ice of the Arctic Ocean creates magnificent sculptures from time to time. On a spring day a glorious ship of ice is thrown against the sky by the sea currents. Snow Bear coverBessie sees it and wants to sail to beautiful places. It is also seen by a polar bear mom and her cub. And herein lies the story of a little girl and a bear cub. Snow Bear is written by me and illustrated by my good friend, Wendell Minor. This time he outdid himself. Take one look at his illustrations and you'll clap.

The movie of Julie of the Wolves is in production. Doug Seus, the partner and trainer of Bart, the grizzly bear, is raising little wolf pups to be Amaroq, Silver and Nails. I went to Heber Valley, Utah, this summer where the pups are romping with the Seus family and gave Amaroq a bottle. I fed Silver her beef soup, and held Nails in my Jean with wolf puparms while he slept. They are friendly, loving little pups and becoming more so under Doug and his wife, Lynne's warm and loving training. These wolves will grow up to be the stars. When the movie is being shot, Kapu, the alpha pup, will be born and Doug will teach him his so-called "lines." What a great show this is going to be!

On Saturday, November 14, 1998, Jean Craighead George and daughter Twig C. George accepted Children's Book Guild Non-Fiction Awards in Washington, D.C.! Jean Craighead George has received 17 awards for her contribution to children's literature.

Another new Jean Craighead George book, Morning, Noon and Night, is now available! It is a story for younger kids about the journey of the sun from Maine Morning, Noon and Nightacross the savannahs, the prairies, the mountains, and the deserts of America to set on the west coast...and come around again.

Wendell Minor has illustrated this book with paintings showing his love of America's landscapes and animals. His art is alive and vibrant. Not only does the book present America from coast to coast, but tells children what the animals are doing morning, noon and night.

Wendell and Jean worked closely on landscapes and animals to give the feeling of America's diversity. It is a selection of the Book of the Month Club. (Published by HarperCollins 10 E.53rd Street, New York, N.Y., Jean with Oksi, the peregrine falcon10023).

Here's a shot of Jean with a young peregrine falcon, Oksi, belonging to Jon Wood of Roxbury, NY. Jon and Oksi both are characters in her new book Frightful's Mountain, which will be out in 1999.

Jean Craighead George, Barbara Dana and composer Chris Kubie are working on a children's musical of Julie of the Wolves. As soon as they finish editing, they will be speaking with a number of interested producers.

Dear Katie, The Volcano Is A Girl book coverA new book is out! Dear Katie, The Volcano Is A Girl, illustrated with glorious eruptions and a ravishing Pele, the volcano princess by Daniel Powers. Katie's grandmother thinks that a volcano is a geophysical phenomenon caused by the movements of the earth's crust. But Katie thinks that the volcano is Pele, a Hawaiian goddess. As each argues her point, it soon becomes clear they they are "both" right! Full color.

he 1998 Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People was awarded to Jean Craighead George, October 10, 1998 in Rochester, N.Y. Previous recipients include Maurice Sendak, Madeleine L'Engle, Leo and Diane Dillon and Russell Freedman.

Inspired by the writings of Jean Craighead George, Chris Kubie has just released on CD a Chris Kubie's Music of the 13 Moons CDmusical interpretation of her renowned series of books entitled The Thirteen Moons, fromHarperCollins, New York. For this series of books she has based her stories on the Native American calendar, marked by the thirteen moons each year brings to us. She has named each moon after a North American animal and brings to the reader a new appreciation of each one.

The Music of the Thirteen Moons consists of a series of thirteen instrumental pieces, subtlely working through a circle of fourths, each piece evoking the ambiance of its companion book. However, one need not possess the books to fully appreciate the music. It stands alone. From the haunting Moon of the Owls to the frenetic Moon of the Chickarees, the music evokes visions which are limited only by the imagination of the listener. It will delight the most sophisticated listeners, and their children.

You can listen to sound bites from The Music of the Thirteen Moons at Chris Kubie 's website. (13 Moons artwork © Wendell Minor; all rights reserved)

Jean Craighead George and Barbara Dana with wolvesJean Craighead George and Barbara Dana (r), author, screen play writer, actress and wolf lover with the wolves at Doug Sues's Utah ranch. Doug trained Bart, the grizzly bear, who appeared on the 1998 Oscar Award presentation and in the film "Bear." Jean and Barbara are communicating with the wolves the better to understand them as they collaborate on a musical of "Julie of the Wolves." Composer Chris Kubie is composing the music with drum beats, wolf calls and songs he hears in the Arctic wind and snow.

The Children's Rainforest ProjectIn Oregon, nine hundred teachers and their 30,000 children have enjoyed the work of the Art Institute, founded by Annie Painter, a former principal and art consultant. They bring books to life. Ms. Painter read One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest to children to inspire them to create butterflies and tropical foliage from hand painted papers.

Their work is breath-taking.

Meanwhile knowing that the tropical rain forest was also full of exciting music, Jean Craighead George and Chris Kubie obtained sounds from the Oronoco River Basin - birds singing, mammals communicating, and native people playing nose flutes and chanting. Then Jean read her book aloud and Chris underscored it with music inspired by and using the magical sounds of the tropical rain forest.

This CD/cassette will soon be available.

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